Sneek Peek- 4 year old Individual photos and Quick Personality Update!

Aurora .jpg
@ Grit and Grace Photography

Aurora is a spunky, perfectionist.  She is smart and silly.  Making jokes, cuddling and swimming are her favorite past times. Her favorite color is pink.  Her favorite food is salad.

@ Grit and Grace Photography

Briella is quiet and shy.  She analyzes every situation before she dedicates herself to it.  She loves talking in her, “silly voice”.  Her smile lights up a room.  Her favorite color is purple.  Her favorite food is fruit.

@ Grit and Grace Photography

Delilah is our nosy, tomboy.  Her crazy, curly hair match her wild personality.  She is very active, social, adventurous, and loves being outside. Her favorite color is yellow.  Her favorite food is greek yogurt.

@ Grit and Grace Photography

Elias is either very sweet and compassionate or he is very rough and tumble.  There is not a middle area for him.  He loves being goofy and making others laugh.   His favorite color is blue. His favorite food is turkey tacos.

@ Grit and Grace Photography

Felicity has been our diva since birth.  She loves all of the attention.  She thinks she should have been an only child.  MeMe (her nickname since birth) loves sucking her thumb, doing errands, and being a Mommy’s helper.  Her favorite color is pink.  Her favorite food is muffins.  Honestly, she loves anything that has a lot of carbs or sweets.

We love each of them for their uniqueness.  All seven children each add a special element to our family.



2 Replies to “Sneek Peek- 4 year old Individual photos and Quick Personality Update!”

  1. Great photos! Loved the comments. I can see that each child is treated as a individual and special in their own way. Congratulations to you and Michael for all that you do to make this happen. You are both very special people.

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