Mommy has a FIRST!-Day 2 of Michael’s Leave

My Mom and Michael have been up to something for awhile but I had no idea what. Finally, Michael told me we have a date night coming up. My Mom accidentally let it slip we were heading to a concert! I was really excited since I have never been to a concert! Yes, I am 28 years old. I always wanted to go to one but something always came up and the money could be better used elsewhere. I was a wreck. What do I wear? Who are we going to see? How will we be with crowds? Military training and the fact of the tragedy shooting in Vegas had just happened made me a little nervous.

The big date came! My Mom came over to babysit the minions. They were excited to hangout with Grandma besides just when I’m at school. We were grateful to have such trusting hands with them since I am so picky. Here is how the date went:


Okay so call me a teenager for a minute, we needed a predate picture! Date nights of actually leaving the house are rare around here. Most of our dates include dinner and a movie after the kids are sleeping or a date over¬†Skype. I don’t knock Skype dates though since we still catch up on life, I can wear comfy pj’s, not shave my legs, and he’ll never know.


We went to Ruth’s Steakhouse in Atlanta. The food was phenomenal! The staff and traffic after to the stadium made us realize how much we are not city folks. It is a nice place to visit but not to live in for us. After dinner, we headed to the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Neither of us had been to the new stadium yet, so we were excited for the treat! This was the first concert performed at this stadium ever! I still did not know who we were about to see perform…

IMG_1057 (2).JPG

We found our seats for the show with plenty of time to spare! We had row 8, floor seats to Garth Brooks’ Sold Out Show!

IMG_1061.JPGThere were two awesome openers and then the show really began!



Halfway through the show, President Jimmy Carter came upon the stage to present a Honorary award to Trisha Yearwood! It was really neat to experience this moment.

IMG_1086 (2).JPG


We were so close to the stage! Two years ago, I was the runner up on GMA’s Mother’s Day Contest Meetup with him so it felt really special that I was able to attend this memorable concert.


This will be a date to remember for both Michael and me!



One Reply to “Mommy has a FIRST!-Day 2 of Michael’s Leave”

  1. So happy for both (all) of you to get to have time away. I too would have been nervous about crowds now days but glad you overcame it and went with the fun time. Bless your hearts!! Thanks to Gramma and Michael for the nice surprise.

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