Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch and More- Day 1 of Michael’s Leave!

After a chaotic few weeks (I’m starting to think this is just our life haha), we are excited to have Michael home for a week in leave! Since we want to make the most of this time with him home, our week is jammed pack of fun and chores. Last year, Michael was gone for our family’s annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We are excited to all be able to go this year together to Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, GA!

IMG_1008 (2).JPG


First up, a few pictures before everybody got dirty on the farm, lost a bow, or became tired.


The kids all loved being animals. It sort of reminded me of my old ultrasounds with them all fighting over which 3 could be seen at the same time :).


There were 2 corn mazes. Conner choose for us to find our way through the long one.


The kids all took turns being the leader through the maze.


“Don’t tell any secrets in here, every cornstalk has an ear!” Delilah said this was a very hard concept for her.


We passed this sign 3 times! “Feel like you’ve been here? You probably have!”


Conner took back over leading the way. After an hour and half, we finally found our way out of the corn maze!



Feeding animals at the petting zoo was a hit with all of the kids.


Petting the animals at the farm was fun for Felicity, Elias, Delilah, Conner, and Briella.  Aurora refused and said, “the rabbits are scary and dirty”. Gideon said, “NO!”.


Hay ride bound!



Finding dandelions, smelling Christmas trees, and counting trees kept everybody busy as we waited for the hayride.






IMG_5392.JPGThe kids had so  much fun at all of the activities on the farm. We did them all for hours!


Our family rule is you have to be able to carry your own individual pumpkin. Mommy and Daddy will carry the larger “family pumpkins”.  Felicity found the perfect pumpkin for her!


It was so fun watching them all pick out what their pumpkin was going to be from all of the choices. Just like each of them, their pumpkins were completely different and unique!


After a sweaty, fun day the pumpkin patch and farm, we were famished.


Texas Roadhouse was right by our other errands so we stopped in for a quick bite. Grandma met us at the restaurant since she had to miss the pumpkin patch this year. She is still healing up from her eye surgery.



The kids ate every bite of their meals and 10 baskets of rolls. I think farm life wore them out!


Next up, Sam’s club! I usually take all of the kids shopping by myself. This was the first time I had enough adults for all of the shopping carts.   It was a treat!


The kids loved having Daddy and Grandma with, not only for the company but also because they ended up with lots of rare treat foods. Daddy’s cart got the “dough doughs” (aka donuts). Grandma’s cart, got cookies and Veggie straws. Mean Mommy usually says no to most processed treats.  However, after our great day, I couldn’t possibly.

IMG_5458 (2).JPG

We made a few more errand stops on our way home, gave quick baths, put the little ones to bed, and cuddled up with Conner to watch, Pearl Harbor. Conner has been learning about it at school so requested the movie. How could I say, “no” to that request either?



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