4 countries and 3 states in a week! Just another day…

Whew, another week has flown by so quickly! Michael has worked in 4 different countries around the world, and 3 different states during this time. Needless, to say his body is confused from all of the time zones.  He has helped bring home a lot of troops!

Welcome to New Orleans!


Welcome to Romania!


Welcome to Scotland! Michael brought me back some Caramel Tarts from Scotland and some Romanian Red Wine. I am not much of a drinker. However, the wine was amazing. The tarts of course were too! Maybe next time, he’ll go for the kilt.


I have been putting in 40+ hours a week with school between class time, driving back and forth, studying, and homework assignments. I primarily do this after the kids go to bed. This week, they are finishing fighting off the cold from last week so are still not sleeping as much as usual at night.  I have been starting to feel like I caught it too. I’m hoping it goes away quickly.  Conner has been busy with basketball, karate, friends, and middle school. The quint’s have been busy with learning a preschool curriculum, and their extracurricular activities. Gideon has been grumpy with more teeth and the cold. He is such a, “little man” with his cold ;). I miss his happy, silly demeanor. My Mom has been preparing for a few eye surgeries this upcoming week. Please keep her in your prayers on Tuesday. I am tired but am gearing up for our “normal life” plus unique things of next week: surgeries, midterms, Gideon’s well check, Michael coming home, and more.

Michael surprised the kids by coming home for 36 hours just in time to meet us at Karate. They were so excited to see him!

Michael had his first day off in over a month! He has been away from home for almost all of that time. We have missed seeing him and a lot has been happening at home.  It’s been hard to stay in touch with him so it was really special whenever we can Skype at least once a week. That way we both stay informed and involved in each other’s life even when separated. We know he is doing incredible work for so many and are very proud of him. He is away again. We look forward to seeing him again soon and hearing all of his adventures!

His hard work is paying off. We are excited for career opportunities that are developing for him.  We are praying we make the right decisions for his career, and our family of nine since we have to decide soon.





One Reply to “4 countries and 3 states in a week! Just another day…”

  1. I feel like your day has more than 24h! How do you manage to fit such a busy schedule is beyond me. You probably do not sleep.
    And Michael is a rock star daddy. You two are such an inspiration. I pray that God continues to givebyou strenght and guide you through this crazy amazing life.
    Let me know when you want to come over with your crew(even if Michael is out of town, we can totally work something out). We all need a change of scenery and it would be so fun! Hugs mama!


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