Our first friend’s birthday party!

We were really excited to be invited to celebrate some of our quadruplet friend’ 4th birthday! I was totally surprised when all 7 kids were invited to a birthday party. That is a lot of craziness for a party host to invite so we felt extra blessed to have such awesome friends. The kids have done really great at family birthday parties in the past but this was something new.  Hence, I was a little nervous for the quint’s to go to their first friend’s birthday party.  Would they hand over the present nicely? Listen? Wait for food? Follow the birthday procedures? Realize it isn’t their birthday? All of these questions kept floating through my mind. Michael has been working every day for the past month, 12+ hour days both in town and out of state/country, to help those affected by wild fires, hurricanes, other natural disasters, and bringing home troops from the Middle East. So, my mom came along to help us celebrate our friend’s birthday!

IMG_4687 (2).JPG

The birthday party was at Everland Play in Buford, GA. It is about 1-1.5 hours from our house but was a blast! I definitely think we’ll go again. This photo had me laughing since the boys learned an important life lesson…how to wait for girls.  The boys wanted to go give the gifts to their friend’s inside. The girls were distracted and wanted to play in the boat first.


Shoes off, socks on, 7 cubbies, kid count 7, present count 4…card count 3? We accidentally misplaced one of the cards in this area. The girl’s job were each to carry a card and the boy’s job were each to carry a present. That way everybody had a job to help. Thankfully, a friend found it, saw the name on the envelope, and brought it to the party room.


In the middle of the huge gym was a giant air trampoline. Jumping with their friends was a lot of fun.


The kid’s were not sure at first about the music floor, but loved it as the day went on!


Our first rope bridge! These little ones felt brave.


IMG_4726 (2).JPG

The kids were running all over and were constantly checking out the indoor playground, bounce houses, obstacle bounce house, dress up area, dance floor, air trampoline, and more. Grandma and I were constantly counting to 7.

IMG_4722 (2).JPG

Gideon would not let me set him down the first half of the party without a major temper tantrum. His separation anxiety was in full force. I enjoyed the snuggles, and 35 lb bicep workout.


Both, the toddler room and the dress-up/kitchen room were a hit for all of the kids!


Our first juice boxes! Briella had an accident so had to change into shorts quick. They have been doing awesome with going potty usually but this party had a lot of fun happening!


The quint’s loved singing, “The Happy Birthday Song”  to their friends.IMG_4787.JPG

Gideon kept wanting to share his cake with Briella. I think she just wanted to eat her cake in peace.


Their party favor bags were filled with lots of yummy and fun things that kept them busy for the entire ride home! They could not stop talking about all of the fun things and playing with friends. It was so special.

IMG_4802 (2).JPG

2 Families and 11 blessings! Happy 4th birthday to our friends Isaac, Hannah, Alexis, and Andrew! We had a blast celebrating your special day with all of you!

A cute VLOG of some of the day’s adventures!

The kid’s did not know who the characters were but they still loved meeting Elmo and Elsa! Check out the quick video below!



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