Happy 29th Birthday!

Happy 29th Birthday to this handsome fellow! Michael is spending today at work but we are celebrating with him in spirit all day long! Michael sure knows how to make every day better. He always hit life head-on with a load of humor, charisma, and a strong work ethic. Here’s a quick trip of a few of our favorite memories so far:


Proof, he had hair when we got together. Michael loves restoring cars, making sound systems, and is all around a huge handy man. I do not think I’ve found anything he can’t fix yet. Whenever anything breaks, the quints always exclaim, “Daddy, fix it!”.  Even they know, you’re pretty special in more ways than one!


Two peas in a pod! Michael and Conner love doing everything together. When they are together, Mom is always kicked to the curb since Dad is more fun :).

P5200303 (2).JPG

When in Germany, you see castles, and kiss?!? We sure had a lot of fun exploring the world together for once.

IMG_5756 (2).JPG

…and they say Dads can’t multi-task! You are always so eager to jump into being Super Dad whenever you’re home. I still can’t believe we did it!


Oh, come on Dad just one…or five?! Our first beach vacation was a hit! I was 20 weeks pregnant with Gideon but we had so much fun at Cornado Island in San Diego. Even with a squadron of kids and a lot of time at work, I love how you make sure we still do all the things that we love: family vacations, spending time together, going on adventures, having parties, and hanging out with friends.  The quality of the time we spend together is always the best!

20160827_180612 (2).jpg

We love how you are always silly!


We hope that you have a wonderful 29th birthday, know how much we love you, how we could not be us without you, and how we are so proud of all your accomplishments! I know this year will be amazing. We have a lot to do this next year to get all of the things off your, “before I turn 30 bucket list”. Maybe you can give me some pointers on what to include, I still have a lot of time to create my “before I turn 30 bucket list” list…haha love you, babe!

You always know how to inspire others and make us laugh! Here is one of the times you did your signature move…the worm.


Wifey and our squadron


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