Michael has some big news!

Congratulations to TSgt Michael Hoffman!

Michael was promoted to the grade of E6! He works extremely hard at work and home. He has received numerous medals, awards, and the trust of superiors. He really looks after his troops. Michael has never used the kids as an excuse to not do the mission since they were 10 days old. Instead, he has balanced everything with poise. Even though we have not seen him much lately with him getting troops to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, preparing for Hurricane Irma and other tropical storms, and bringing troops safely back home from their deployments, we are loving hearing about his adventures and noble work. We are so proud of you, Michael!

Pictured is one of my favorite spontaneous pictures of us:
Michael received an award at work in AZ right before we moved to GA. I walked with all the kids 6 weeks postpartum from our house to his shop to watch him accept it. I arrived just in time as a hot, sweaty mess, we lost the shoes and half the hair bows, but hey we made it 🙂. Conner was at school. Otherwise, the picture would have been totally perfect! 21273162_2038737629729085_5267670178137201686_o

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