Where did August 2017 go?

Have you ever felt like a month has disappeared from your calendar?  It seems like I blinked and August was gone!  August was a very busy month for us. I’m glad to say things have slowed down and I can catch up a bit! Even though it was super busy, we had a lot of fun along the way! Here are a few of the highlights and updates:

IMG_4223 (2)

Aurora and Mommy had a date day at the zoo. Aurora’s favorite animal currently is the lion. She was saying, “roar” to the lions…I think they were intimidated ;).

IMG_3953 (2).JPG

Briella and Mommy had a date day at appointments and the library. She loved picking out a few new books to read to everybody. Her language and social personality have really exploded!

IMG_3937 (2).JPGIMG_3959 (2).JPG

Conner got all ready for starting his new middle school. New clothes, new supplies, new backpacks, and a trip to the dentist for a cleaning was on our list. He had no cavities but had a new type of x-ray done because of his age. They found out he is missing a permanent tooth so referred us to the orthodontist. We knew we’d be getting him braces someday but it may be sooner than later. Conner and Mommy had a bowling date day. Conner totally beat me.


Delilah had a Mommy date day shopping with Mommy to get everything needed for the house and everybody.


Elias and Mommy had a lunch date at a Mexican restaurant. He loves the chips, salsa, and enchiladas.


Felicity and Mommy had a date day at the aquarium. This girl loves fish! She was so excited!


Gideon has a lot of Mommy dates. He frequently goes to the other kids sports, appointments, and activities. He participates when he can; however, hangs out with Mom when he can’t. I think his favorite place to go is the grocery store. He loves pointing out all the familiar things to him there.


Michael has been mostly out of town with work this entire month. We try to make the most of his time whenever he is home and not at work though.

IMG_4379 (2).JPGIMG_0683.JPG

Michael, his Dad, and Conner had a fun time at the Bristol Race! It was Conner’s first real NASCAR race since the other one he went to was rained out in AZ.



He loved hanging out with Dad and Grandpa for a guy’s weekend. However, he somehow fell asleep sitting up in the stands during one of the night races. That must be some really great hearing protection!

IMG_4282 (2).JPG

My cousin, Betty, came down to GA for work. The kids were all super excited to meet her! She even brought one of their favorites, yogurt covered raisins. How could they not love her then? It was really great to catch up!

IMG_4028 (2).JPG

The quints have been thriving at karate! They go 2 times a week to class and practice their skills daily at home. They were just promoted two ranks up! The quints were so excited to see their promotion stripes added by the teacher to their belts.

IMG_4154 (2).JPG

Conner was promoted one rank up and tests for the next rank soon! He is really liking his class! He goes twice a week.

IMG_4040 (2).JPG

Conner had fun at his Meet the Teacher night at school. He even got his first locker. Excuse me as I tear up a bit! They grow way too quickly.

IMG_4188 (2).JPG

First day of 6th grade! Conner met a lot of new friends and has already been having them over for sleepovers. He is in the gifted program so is finally being challenged academically. It is fun to watch him actually have to apply him self a bit. I’ve always home schooled him after his other schools so he would learn new things. This is the first year, I don’t have to do extra work with him.


Our “adopted Grandma”, Bubbie and Nick spent the night on their way from Fl to see the eclipse. We loved hanging out with them. The quints learned a lot about being outside and nature.


We all watched the eclipse! I was amazed we even got Crescent shadows here!


The kids all helped me study for a proficiency test, take a CPR refresher course, have a physical, and get all the requirements done to start nursing school.

IMG_4042 (4).JPG

I had my first week of classes! I survived and have made 100% on everything thus far! I was nervous to start again. However, I am staying ahead on my work so it helps a lot. I am in an accelerated nursing program with 8 week courses. I am taking a full load while maintaining everything at home.

IMG_4451 (2).JPG

Michael got back just in time to celebrate my Mom’s birthday with us. He made Curry and it was delicious. Curry was my Mom’s requested food choice and it was nice being able to relax at home all together as we celebrated such a great day!


Michael had his coworkers and our friends over to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. We love to entertain so am glad our we still can even with our crew :). The quints loved playing with their friend that night. Briella cried when it was bedtime since all she wanted was their friend, Chesney, to come up stairs and cuddle in her toddler bed with her. Conner and his friend fell asleep on our giant bean bag. We may have taken this picture as blackmail someday. They sure looked cute cuddled up with the quint’s toys.

IMG_4518 (2).JPG

Michael’s truck needed new tires, wheels, an oil change, an alignment, a new window motor, and more. It has kept him busy during his “spare” time. It became a family affair, one of the days at Major Service Center, in Powder Springs, GA.


Hanging out after church!

IMG_4174 (2).JPG

When one decides they want to sit on the floor instead of at the table for a make-believe picnic and the others follow, all I could do was laugh. If you can’t beat them, might as well join them. I clean it daily so I’m not too worried.  I learned a long time ago to pick my battles.

IMG_4360 (2).JPG

Grocery shopping helpers!

IMG_4438 (2).JPG

Elias did not want to leave the playground and kept trying to negotiate with me. I think he may be a future lawyer since he drives a hard bargain, relentlessly.

IMG_3922 (2).JPG

4 cute little cuddle bugs!


For years, Michael and I have always been involved whenever natural disasters have occurred with both the military and community volunteering. We were glad to be able to help orchestrate sending many donations of diapers, wipes, clothes, formula, baby items, kid’s items, adult items, household items, 2 pallets of food, and 2 pallets of water to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please know we are continuing to think of you and are working on more ways to help.

This is a very quick summary of our August. We look forward to a more laid back September!




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