Gideon is 18 months old!

We knew we were in for an adventure the moment we found out about our surprise blessing, Gideon. We knew he had to be tough to keep up with 5 barely 20 months old and an awesome big brother. I had no idea how we were going to manage but knew it would all work out. I was right! He was destined for greatness and really meant to be here.


The big siblings helped us announce the surprise announcement when they were 12 months old. Photo Credit: Momento Studios


I do not think they knew what being a big sibling meant yet. They needed a little training <3. I also do not think Gideon knew how eager the quints were to help him. Photo Credit: Momento Studios


My body may not always look like a models but it is beautiful. My body has given me 7 healthy blessings, and 1 Angel and for that it is always gorgeous. I am always thankful for it. Photo Credit- Cherise Kiel Photography


5 Little, 1 year olds bouncing on a bed… Photo Credit- Cherise Kiel Photography


Still have the spark <3. Photo Credit- Cherise Kiel Photography


A 9 lbs 6 oz, happy baby boy meeting his big brother. I do not think he took Conner seriously when he said he had to be ready to put up with a lot of Mommy’s helper’s.

1A7A2007 (2).jpg

Photo Credit- Cherise Kiel Photography


Gideon is always on the move, determined, and smiling. Photo Credit- Cagliani Captures


1st birthday Chocolate Cake smash… enough said. Photo Credit- Grace Photography II

_DSC1987 copy.jpg

Gideon has an stellar big lip. He sure knows how to get whatever he wants with it. I may be in a lot of trouble. Photo Credit- Grace Photography II


Gideon stops at nothing to get what he wants. He loves to eat and is only a couple lbs lighter than Elias. He already outweighs all of the girls! Elias and him both wear size 4T! He is our tank! He is nicknamed, “Puddles” since he has always drooled a lot.

IMG_0290 (2).JPG

Gideon thinks he is part of the quints. He does not like being told, “no” and will throw massive temper tantrums. Gideon’s favorite words/phrases to tell others are, “right there”, “maa” (milk) and “no”. He will not stop until he gets his way. Gideon is really smart and can hold his own with the quints in every way.  He has reached all milestones very early (besides talking) since he watches them constantly. Gideon has found he can be a man of few words, since the quints love to talk for him. We are working on this. He is extremely outgoing, mischievous, and whimsical. If trouble is happening, he is somehow involved. He is a Mommy’s boy and is normally within arm’s reach whenever I am close by though so that helps. He is tough and is exactly the right “baby” we needed to complete our family.

Congratulations Baby G! You survived 18 months of the quintastrophies!


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