GIVEAWAY #2 for the week! An hour of lifestyle coaching with me via email or phone! Did you know I offered this service? Find out more details here about this awesome gift and my background HERE : I have been blessed to help so many people and would love to help you too!
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3) COMMENT a part of life that is challenging for you or needs improvement.
Nobody is perfect. However, everybody has struggles and can use a mentor of somebody who has experienced a similar challenge. My biggest personal challenge is: I am a perfectionist and people-pleaser. This can cause a lot of stress. Learning to manage it has been a great strength to learn.
Winner for this amazing prize will be randomly selected and notified at 5pm EST tomorrow! Don’t waste any time! Giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook.


  1. I really have a challenging time trying to say no. I am very lucky to be a stay at home mom but all my friends ask me to watch their kids. Life gets rough sometimes, I always manage. But I want to take my babies and go do fun stuff instead of being stuck at home watching other ones too.

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  2. I have 3 biological kids, 1 adopted and 4 foster kiddos. Our current foster kids are all under age 5. I want to spend so much time with the kids making memories and doing things with them I feel like my house and organization or other mom/wife things get out last and then seem overly stressful. I would love to hear ideas on how you juggle 7 kids and stay organized.

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