6 Toddlers go to the dentist!

I can’t believe it is already time for our dental checkup and cleaning again! These past 6 months have flown by too quickly.


Look how much they grew since our last dental visit 6 months ago. The quints have been going regularly since just under 1 years old.

Current visit July 2017:

IMG_3502 (2).JPG

The kids loved exploring the office as I filled out a lot of paperwork.

IMG_3494 (2).JPG

Felicity loved having the spotlight on her. In her true diva form though, she did not like the flavors of things and was done with the cleaning process before the hygienist was. She was bribed to stay with a promise of prizes at the end.

IMG_3500 (2).JPG

Aurora’s face about sums up how they all felt about x-rays. They did it though eventually as soon as they understood what they were suppose to do. Alligator chomp the mouth piece ;).

IMG_3505 (2).JPG

Elias and most of the quints could not stop smiling during the cleaning. Gideon hated everything but the toys. He did not like his teeth being counted, the cleaning, or the fact he is getting 4 molars in currently. He has been really grumpy and miserable the last few days.

IMG_3519 (2).JPG

Prize time at the end may have been there all time favorite part! They kept trying to pick what color they wanted from the sports ball area with their token. They did not get the random part of it. However, were still excited for the prize.

I was really excited that Michael could come this time! This was his first dentist appointment with the kids and he did awesome! Two thumbs up for Dad!

IMG_3523 (2).JPG

Final verdict- All 6 toddlers are still CAVITY FREE! Excuse me as my wallet and me have a little happy dance.

Okay back…The brushing/flossing twice a day and no juice/low sweet diet seem to be working! Conner gets to go in a couple of weeks when he is back home so hopefully our trend continues.



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