Summer 2017 Quadruplet and Quintuplet Party!

When we first found out we were expecting quintuplets, we felt totally alone. We thought, “who has this many kids at once?”. Since then, I have met online and regularly keep in touch with over 500+ quad Moms and 150+ quint Moms. Some of these moms have older kids, so I have gained a lot of knowledge on what to expect with the pregnancy and beyond stages. Some of these moms are still pregnant, so I get to help. I have loved visiting quad moms in hospitals on bed rest and meeting them at events. We have met a total of 21 quad families and one other quint family in person! How cool is that? This weekend, the kids and I went to a gathering about an hour away of 7 quad family’s and us! Talk about a whole lot of fun! It is really exciting for Conner to see our family dynamics as normal for a bit (when he is home and able to attend functions) and for our kids to get to know so many other friends!

Daddy was at work so the quints helped me carry their floats, towels, beachwear, snacks, and party food to share in from the van. A few awesome moms of older quads jumped right in to help to get the cuties in swimsuits when they saw us coming. It was really nice to have the knowledgeable and super fast help! We had an assembly line of stripping kids, putting suits on, applying sunblock, and putting hats on.

The other moms thought I was crazy for doing so much and coming alone to the pool with 6 toddlers. We never want to miss out on fun adventures and this is just our life! The kids yanked their hats off though before we even hit the pool. It was shaded most of the time and the water was the perfect temperature.



The kid’s kept showing me their swim lessons skills they have been working on in class. In between splash sessions and spraying Mommy with water gun adventures of course :).



There was a gorgeous, big pool equipped with a diving board and tons of lifeguards. However, the kids loved the 1 ft little pool! Water guns, toys, splashing, lots of friends and more kept them busy for hours!


Daddy surprised us and came straight from work (about 45 mins away) about halfway through the party. He was just in time to meet some of the incredible families and help get the kids situated for dinner. He liked hanging out with all the dads.


The kids all instantly started sharing and interacting with each other. It was so fun to watch! All of the families brought a lot of food. However, it went fast with how many little (and not so little…teenagers) attended.



Gideon did not get his own full cupcake. However, he still felt like part of the party since each of the quint’s shared their wrapper and a few pieces with him. Bonus: an 11 year old quadruplet made the adorable watermelon cupcakes!


8 family’s who hit the baby jackpot sharing stories, advice, camaraderie, and laughs.  We can not wait for the next event and to meet even more friends!



2 Replies to “Summer 2017 Quadruplet and Quintuplet Party!”

  1. Why do you have a count down to when daddy returns? When he was at this event and others like the Disney trip? I don’t understand.


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