6 Toddlers + 1 Mom go Grocery Shopping and to Project Toy Drop!


Daddy had work but that never stops us when we have plans. So off to our first stop bright and early, the kids and I went. The kids did there choo choo train all the way into the building from the parking lot. This is one of two methods that I implemented to make sure they stay safe when I am out with them alone in parking areas or anywhere potentially dangerous.


Our train led us into a hangar on base that was holding a Project Toy Drop event. You can find out more about this amazing program at: https://www.kidswishnetwork.org/programs/ . After seeing the colors presented and hearing The National Anthem, the kids met Spiderman! The girl’s were swooned and Elias was skeptical.


The kids all were blessed with so many new toys! It was overwhelming but amazing for all of them. Elias even warmed up to Spiderman!


We were super ecstatic that we ran into so many spouse’s and friends from Michael’s unit and around base.  The kids loved seeing their GranDonna there too <3.  With so much incredible help, the kids quickly were loaded down with new toys and yummy snacks.


The kids were non-stop jumping in the princess and Monster Wheel bounce houses.


The kid’s came across a giant fire hydrant. It went in circles, chased them, and even talked! It was controlled by a friendly, police office with a headset, nearby. The kids were stunned when the fire hydrant called out each of their names. They all froze and started giggling.

Afterwards, we were all tired and hot. However, we still needed to go grocery shopping for a few days worth of yogurt, veggies, fruit, and more. Yes, I grocery shop with them by myself at least 2 times a WEEK now. They eat a lot! Think you are up for a quick grocery trip with us?

Check out our full grocery adventure VLOG here with interactions:

Check out our FAST EDITION grocery adventure video here:

I think we all were ready for dinner, bath time, and bed time tonight.




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