“I’m leaving on the first plane out of here”

Grandma came over bright and early so we could get to the airport.

IMG_2665 (2).JPG

“I’m leaving on the first plane out of here” was what Conner said when Delilah became car sick next to him as we pulled into the airport. Delilah usually gets car sick every few months. Thankfully, its not too often and the others did not follow suit. She was still proud of her early morning marker coloring session on her hand instead of the paper so did not mind showing that off in a quick picture.

After I cleaned her up in the departure drop off area at the airport, I realized I had a Mom fail. I always have extra everything in my van bag. I had forgot to bring the clean clothes back out to the van to replenish after the 4th of July BBQ! I had zero spare clothes. This was a first for me to be totally under prepared. I’m an hour from home and I had 3 hours until I had to be at Briella’s physical therapy an hour away from the house in a different direction. I had planned for us to grocery shop to kill time. With the latest development with Delilah, I had to figure out a new plan. I got in touch with Michael who easily agreed to meet us for an impromptu lunch. This is HUGE since we all know this is one of Dad’s fears. Plus, we seldom eat out let alone two day’s in a row. I went to Michael’s work, picked him up, and headed to grab Delilah an outfit. The base had no kids clothes…not even an, “I love the Air Force” shirt. So, I grabbed a flowy, women’s shirt and turned it into a dress for Delilah. Dad had less than hour to be back to work so off we went on our spontaneous lunch. We ended up at a Jerusalem bakery and grill. We always like different types of food and the kids seem to love it too!

IMG_2671 (2).JPG

Patiently waiting for food.

IMG_2683 (2).JPG

The kids ate their chicken Shawarma sandwiches and hummus in record time leaving just their french fries. They are not huge fans of fries. Felicity accidentally dropped her last pita bread and hummus on the floor. She was really concerned since she knows that we try to never waste food. Felicity calmed down though when we cleaned it up and she saw what was for dessert.

IMG_2676 (2).JPG

Trying Baklava for the first time! The kids were all in love! We then headed back to the base followed by physical therapy.


Briella was really excited to have everyone with her today. We were very grateful her therapist watched the kids as I grabbed the van when it was over. There was a massive thunderstorm. We all know how much my kids dislike rain and thunder with their sensory issues. I was definitely ready to head home, give everybody baths, finish laundry, and cuddle up the rest of the day until Daddy came home. I still feel accomplished in all the kids and I did today and how we persevered through little hindrances.

See a taste of our day in a cute VLOG!



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