All about Felicity Fiona! 3 Year old personality update!

IMG_3827 (2).JPG

Felicity Fiona was the 2nd quintuplet born. She was born at 8:15 am, weighed 3 lbs 1 oz, and was 14.75 inches long. She was the smallest baby at birth. She scared me since she dipped down to 2 lbs 8 oz a few days after birth. However, thankfully she gained weight quickly thereafter. I was so nervous to hold her for the first time. Felicity now weighs 29 lbs. She is the only quint with super straight, brown hair. Her hair is very soft and fine.

IMG_4017 (2).JPG

She earned herself a few nicknames in the NICU. She was immediately called, “a Diva” and “Me Me”. She was a diva since she kept pulling all of her ventilators off immediately after birth and loved bath time. She was called, “Me Me” since it has always been all about her.  When she cries, it sounds like she is saying, “Me, Me, Me.”. She instantly would always make Conner fall asleep with her cuddles. She is still a very cuddly, affectionate person.


Felicity loves her siblings. However, her personality to this day seems like she thinks she should have been an only child. She often is found rolling her eyes when her siblings act immature. She is normally very happy and smiley. But if she believes you crossed her or is mad, she will stare you down with her very dark, brown eyes. Her glare can cut right through you and make you feel very tiny and inadequate.


Felicity is very picky with textures. She loves the flavors of foods and trying new things. However, she tends to tire easily from chewing and will spit back out the food after she chews it a bit. This is mainly with things like oranges. She has gotten a lot better after working with a lot of speech and occupational therapists on strengthening her facial muscles. Felicity is a huge thumb sucker when she is tired or needing comfort now.


Felicity’s favorite foods are broccoli (“baby trees”), greek yogurt (“yogi”), chocolate, and anything sweet. She is the only quint who really enjoys sweets of any type. Felicity does not like meat, bland foods, rice, or pasta.


Three words that could some up Felicity’s personality are: determined, opinionated, and charismatic. She knows how to charm her way into what she wants and dismiss you once she has obtained her goal. We have always said she is a future CEO. Her love for helping Mommy do paperwork, computer things, and office work has led us to solidify that she has a high likelihood for that career. No matter what she does, she will be successful and happy like all of our children.


Proof, she thinks she should have been an only child ;). Here is her helping us announce Gideon when she was 12 months old.


Felicity is a Mommy’s girl. She has been from birth. She was the most in love with breastfeeding and nursing from the tap (instead of pumped milk). She always needed to nurse to fall back asleep and comfort her.

IMG_0228 (1).JPG

You’ll often find this little one, playing dress up, reading, coloring, singing, and doing pretend play.  She prefers the color pink, dresses, purses, and princess wands/crowns as part of her daily wardrobe.


Felicity loves outdoor things like: sidewalk chalk, riding her Strider balance bike, swimming, yard work, and walking on our daily family walk to the mail box. She hates her hands getting dirty.  She always wants them immediately cleaned after she is done having fun.

20170508_102236 (2).jpg

Felicity is a helper. She wants to be involved with any project. She loves to give her ideas and tell you what she thinks about it as she is helping.

IMG_0566 (2).JPG

This cute, sassy girl is going to take the world by storm. She has already helped organize and be a little Mommy to her siblings. They tell her she is, “bossy”.





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