Happy Independence Day 2017!

Happy Independence Day! The quintuplet’s c-section was originally scheduled on this day 3 years ago.  I would have been 34 weeks 1 day! How perfect of a birthday would that have been for America’s first surviving military quintuplets? Even though, the quints made their debut a few weeks early, we still love celebrating this joyous day! Our country is independent! We are so lucky that we can say we are part of the ‘less than 1% of the US population’ to serve and protect this freedom. Today, like always we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and all of those making smaller sacrifices so our country can have its glory!


Here is a throwback to Independence Day 2015. Check out Gideon wearing Elias’ outfit below <3.

4thofjuly2017 - Copy.JPG

Proud of our freedoms!


Boys + ‘Merica! It does not get much better than that!

IMG_2484.JPGWe lost Conner to his friends and the pool. Everybody had a blast swimming though. I loved watching Luca, Canyon, and Conner have so much fun!

IMG_2595 (2).JPG

A glimpse into 13 years from now. Let the car wars commence. They all took turns driving. I realized based on what I saw, I need to save now for their insurance and start investing in bubble wrap ;).


BYOP poolside! We bring our own potty. They did pretty well on their first real all day outing in panties. They have been day-time and nap time trained for awhile at home so I’m glad to see I can start the next chapter. It was kind of a scary thought to begin bringing everything when out since I am usually alone with them. However, Mama is not nervous anymore! Way to go quintlers!

IMG_2382 (2).JPG

We brought 2 watermelons, 2 cantaloupes, 2 pints of blueberries, 2 lbs of strawberries, a gallon of milk, lots of water, and a veggie tray with us since we know our kids can eat. Our kids alone finished that off. They even picked fruit over cookies and hot dogs! Although, they did enjoy the potato chips they found on the food table.


They always all love the slip ‘n’ slide. Gideon basically lived in it since he is a water baby and loves showers.


The golf cart was a huge hit with these little ones. They kept saying they wanted to go, “super fast!”. They took turns driving everywhere.

The quintuplets first time with sparklers! Watch the VIDEO here:



Daddy and Grandpa bought a lot less fire works this year. However, they were still armed for a great time.

See if the quintuplets liked the fireworks and some pre-party fun at our house before we headed to Grandpa’s house VIDEO here:

IMG_2589 (2).JPG

Mommy, the quintuplets, and Gideon ended up inside by themselves away from the fireworks and thunderstorms safely inside the house. Big booms proved to be too much sensory stimulus this year. They liked looking out the window from the couch at the pretty colors. They had a great day otherwise. They especially liked seeing their cousin Lucas, and their best buddy, Chesney!

So many memories were made for all of the kids. Check out the VIDEO below for some extra holiday cuteness:

We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day! Watermelon, barbecues, friends, water, fireworks, fun, sun, and FREEDOM! What is not to love about today?



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