All about Elias Michael! 3 year old personality update!


Elias Michael was the 5th quintuplet born. He was born a true gentleman and let the girls enter the world first. He was born at 8:17 am, weighed 3 lbs 2 oz and was 16 inches long. His name was originally Elias Elliott. However, Daddy changed it at the last minute to follow his family’s tradition. It drives Mommy’s OCD crazy but makes this little guy even more unique. His nickname are “Eli” and “Baby Eli” since he tends to be a sensitive fellow.


Elias had the longest NICU stay of 73 days. He was in the hospital over a month longer than all of his sisters.  He came home significantly smaller than all of the girls. He had a tough road in the NICU and had multiple surgeries. This was scary to watch surgery happen to a 3 lb baby repeatedly.  Elias had a charisma about him that drew all of the nurses, techs, pharmacy aides, Grandma, and hospital volunteers to snuggle him. I would go daily to bring him breast milk with his discharged sisters. I always found him being cuddled.


Elias has dark brown eyes, a heart of gold, and a huge smile. He favors his Italian genes for sure!

IMG_6322 (2).JPG

Elias is sweet and is either 0 or 100 with his personality. He is either really happy/mad or shows no emotion. Elias is a go-getter. If he wants something, he will not stop until he achieves it. Doctors have watched him closely for cerebral palsy and autism since he had indicators. However, he has neither!


Elias is always leading the way with getting teeth. He loves visiting dentists and doctors. This is a great thing since he has beat a lot of obstacles. He has graduated from a lot of specialists and his issues have resolved for the most part!


20150803_183737_006 (2).jpg

We often get people saying, “poor Elias, with all of those sisters”, “he gets forgotten about since he is the only boy quint”, and “everybody favors the big brother and baby…Elias gets ignored”. None of these could be further from the truth! Elias has had numerous special mommy dates because of his medical issues along the way. He (like all of our children) bring such an amazing, individual gift to our family.

Elias will verbally tell you he’s a boy. However, gender stereotypes really do not have a place in our house. He loves dolls, high heels, trucks, dress-up, slides, and purses. He is extremely nurturing at times. Other times, he has the traditional boy aggression and competitiveness. Elias prefers to spend time with his sisters and is more comfortable with them close in new situations v being by himself.


Elias is now the biggest of the quints! He weighs 36 lbs and is over 2″ taller than any of the girls! Elias loves to eat. He overly stuffs his mouth though when eating so practices with OT to minimize this habit. He has never chocked though which is a huge relief.


Elias loves Grandma cuddles.


Elias loves swimming, being outside, walks, and being active. Elias has very sensitive hearing and hates being startled. He gets frightened over loud noises, thunder, gun shots, and similar sensory inputs. He has come a long way though!


Elias loves his hair short now. However, he use to have the sweetest curls!


_DSC1915 copy.jpg

The boys all have a very special bond! They are all very athletic, caring, intelligent, competitive, and a joy to all they meet.

DSC_9450 copy.jpg

Elias loves to act goofy. Once he gets you to laugh, he will keep acting silly to keep the game going. He is often found marching around, singing, dancing, and doing gymnastics around the house. He likes cleaning up and being a helper. He looks for praise and thrives with positive reinforcement, lots of love, and a routine.



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