All about Delilah Daphney! 3 year old personality update!


Delilah Daphney was the 1st quintuplet born. She was born at 8:15 am, weighed 3 lbs 11oz and was 17 in long! Delilah weighs 32 lbs now!


Delilah swiftly got the nickname, “Go, Delilah, Go!” She has always been wanting to accomplish everything first! She even started walking at 11mo/9 mo adjusted! This was a relief since they warned us she may have cerebral palsy because of indicators they found shortly after her birth. She has never slowed down and loves being our leader. She is always on the move! She is also nicknames, “Dee Dee” since that was easier for the others to say as they started talking more.


Delilah is a very happy baby that has turned into an even happier toddler! She is sassy and has a charming smile that can get her out of anything. That is a dangerous combination since she is our risk taker. If there is mischievous activities happening in the house, you know Delilah is automatically involved!


She loves being the bossy one over her siblings. Her special job is handing things out to the others. She used to pass out clean diapers. She also can find anything! If you misplace something, she won’t stop looking until it is found.  Her favorite expression is, “Dee Dee, do it! “.

DSC_9433 copy.jpg

_DSC1725 copy.jpg

Smiles, lots of curls, and sneakiness sum up this little one. She is very much a tomboy and likes getting rough and tumble. If life knocks her down, she always puts on her big girl panties and works harder to reach her goal!

IMG_0529 (2).JPGIMG_0435 (2).JPG

You will often find her playing dress-up, dancing, playing with trucks, doing gymnastics, and cuddling.

IMG_0316 (1).JPG

She is an avid outdoor fanatic. Slip in slides, swings, slides, the playground, and brother’s baseball games are some of her favorite activities. She never stays sitting long so needs a lot of different activities to help her focus and thrive.

_DSC5831 copy.jpg

Delilah is very independent, opinionated, and a social butterfly. She makes friends everywhere she goes with her bubbly, outgoing personality. She always cracks me up since she is a huge list maker. She holds out her fingers every night and we talk about the next days events. She always repeats it all back to me matter-of-factually with a determined look in her eye. She holds me accountable to that list too since she remembers everything. When tired, she does the rocker finger suck with her middle and ring fingers.


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