All about Aurora Arizona! 3 year old Personality update!


Aurora Arizona was the 3rd quintuplet born. She was born at 8:16 am, weighed 3 lbs 5 oz and was 16 inches long.


Aurora quickly became nicknamed, “Squeakers” in the delivery room with her very high pitched cry. She has maintained the nickname to this day because of her cry and voice.


She has always been the jokester and clown of our family. Silly, goofy, and happy have always described Aurora from birth to now!


Aurora easily lets you know what she does and does not want to do. She is very happy-go-lucky unless you break the rules or have her do something she does not want to do at that moment.1M7A1411.jpg

She has always had very squishy, cute cheeks. Aurora is our only blue eyed baby. Her hair has turned from white blond to a strawberry blonde with time.


Aurora loves to get messy for only a short time. She prefers her hands cleaned, and everything in its place. She inherited her OCD and anxiety from her Momma. She obsesses with following routines, cleanliness, and repeats herself until her point is understood by all.


Aurora loves dressing like a princess. She was the first quintuplet to master potty training fully! She is a very smart little girl who picks up quickly on new tasks.


Aurora loves fruits, veggies (especially carrots), bagels, grilled chicken breast, and beans. She loves the sound of raw vegetables when she crunches them as she eats and hysterically laughs. You better make sure she has a veggie for each hand though or she will keep asking until you give her two. How can you deny a toddler veggies anyways? She dislikes pasta, bread, popsicles, and most meat.


Aurora is a huge cuddle bug and loves naps. She is always the first one ready for bed and loves wearing jammies. When she is tired or wants comfort, she sucks on her pointer and middle fingers.  Aurora shows so much empathy towards others and always tries to comfort a sibling or friend with a hug and a kiss.


Aurora weighs 29 lbs now!

_DSC5802 copy.jpg

Aurora loves dress up, coloring, going down slides, traveling, and being silly. She has really great manners and loves saying, “thank you” and “excuse me” for others. She is always smiling and is such a happy blessing to everybody that she meets!




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