“How do Michael and you stay on the same page with things going on at home, since you are separated so much?”

     We often are asked, “how do Michael and you stay on the same page with things going on at home, since you are separated so much?”. True story, we have lived in separate states or countries for over half of our relationship!
     Communication is key! Every year, we sit down as a family (including Conner) and make a yearly goal list for each year for the next three years. We also include the steps needed to achieve all of the goals. Michael, Conner, and I each pick family, personal, financial, etc goals. This is a fabulous way to teach children about goals and taking steps to achieve them. After all, you can achieve anything when you have a strong work ethic and determination. Obviously, we are constantly updating them since life throws curve balls! Who knew we would move three times in two years, Michael would be gone 10 months right after our last move, or we would have quintuplets…see curve balls!
     Within the next couple of months our steps to achieve some big goals are:
-Conner starts basketball, soccer, and a new middle school.
-Quints and Gideon have swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons, preschool starting, and possibly karate lessons.
-Michael and I are both heading back to school full-time.
-Michael will still be working full time+ and I hopefully will be too on opposite shifts as him.
-We will finish fixing up another room in the house.
-The quints will be finished with all therapies and caught up/exceeding their peers by 3!
-The quints will be fully daytime, nighttime, and nap time potty trained by 3!
     A family that meets goals together to get ahead while still having fun too can make it through anything! As parents, you want to be examples to your kids since they are sponges that are watching everything you do!
     We are a family of mixed feelings all merging together! Michael thinks I’m crazy. I think we are adventurous! Which do you think? What are some of your goals?
20170529_152836 (2)
Have a question for any members of The Hoffman Squadron? Let us know and make sure to check back every Sunday as we answer some questions!

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